Fumigation Data


Fumigation is an excellent method of eliminating pests  by exposing the insect or infested material to a fumigant at a lethal dosage rate in an enclosed space for a specific length of time.  Quite often fumigation is required by the government; particularly when an item is imported or exported, the receiving country will require fumigation in order to keep out invasive species.  A Phyto Certificate may also be necessary, in which case we can connect you to USDA where you will begin the application process.

Capital fumigators are educated, trained and licensed in the use of fumigants such as Aluminum Phosphide, Methyl Bromide and Methyl Q.  Along with government regulations and customer comments, we will recommed the appropriate fumigant to treat commodities such as logs, cut lumber, flour, rice, wheat, corn and more.  All fumigations are conducted in our heated fumigation building located at the Port of Albany, with a USDA representative on site, as per New York State law.  Because of our services, the Port of Albany is now a full service marine terminal which allows you to treat and ship your precious cargo all in one place.

All fumigations completed by Capital Fume are accompanied with a company fumigation certificate documenting vital information such as chemical usage, dosage rate, shipping information, and more.

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