About Capital Fumigation and Pest Management

Let's be honest, Capital Fume & Pest is not the largest pest elimination company on the map.  However, our team takes pride in being a small company.  With Capital Fume you get individualized attention and detailed quality work.  As a matter of fact, on most jobs, Angela will personally fumigate your commodity.  Angela is more than happy to provide you, the customer, with her cell phone number which allows you to reach them day or night.

Personalized attention and quality service is what Capital Fume can offer you and your business.  Does your current pest elmination company offer that?  Do you feel like you are their only customer or do you feel like just a number?  Do you get the same technician each visit?  Or is it always a new face?  Whether its a monthly program for general pests, a ULD of a commercial structure or a large vessel fumigation, Capital Fume treats you like number one and provides the best service to meet your needs in the most effective manner possible.

Not only can we accomodate your fumigation services, but we can also introduce you to the right people.  Capital Fume has an excellent relationship with USDA representatives and will connect you with their services should you require fumigation documentation such as a Phyto Certificate.  In addition, our relationships with local longshore men, port officials, truckers and freight forwarders is outstanding as well.

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